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You’re not dreaming…

This place exists not in your mind, not in your dreams, not in some childhood story. The Brainfall Hotel is a magic place capable of opening portals beyond your imagination. We accommodate daring customers, hungry for adventure and thirsty to prove themselves. Behind our doors, our customers are no longer living in the present. Time in here moves forwards, backwards and sometimes sideways even. When you enter our building, remember this: you may not come out whole. So why risk it, you ask? Because what happened here concerns you, since you helped it happen. You may not remember, but it’s up to you now to set things right.

You may awaken now…

The Madness Trilogy

A long time ago, where you were about 9 years old, you used to have a friend. Do you remember? Blonde hair... a curious little girl! Her name was Alice. You used to play together in the woods and one day young Alice fell down a large rabbithole! You followed her and started to fall endlessly! You landed in a strange place, but got separated with your friends! Alice met a man with a large hat... He told her that in order for him to help her find you again she must do him one favor. He asked of her to give him... a name when the time comes! She agreed, young and non-suspicious that she was. But when she found you and the time came, the Hatter appeared and said "who will you sacrifice? who will stay behind so the rest of you can leave? Alice looked at him and said that she couldn't do it, and never agreed to something like that! So she chose to stay behind herself.

She needs your help! She's still down there! What will you do about it?

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Evrou 10 & Kerasountos
5' walk from Megaro Mousikis metro station

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